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british citizensship test

British Citizenship Test which is “Life in The UK Test” is an examination for someone seeking indefinite leave to remain or Naturalization as a British citizen. This test contains 24 questions about British traditions and customs. You will need to answer 18 questions correctly to pass within 45 minutes.

So in order to prepare for  , I gave myself about 1 week. Now keeping in mind that I never been overly academic in school and for me my brain worked in a different way. So some of the tips that I will give you might be helpful. Especially if you are like me that if you read a boring book that goes in you one ear and comes out from another ear. But some people are lucky that that got photographic memory and they can easily remember. But for me, it was bit more challenging. But I have to say that the time I spent on Online UK Test to practice mock test was worthy cause I got 24 questions correct and I finished my exam within 10 minutes on my British Citizenship Exam.

This is the website I found very helpful and well organized. I just finished their all 40 mock test and I felt confident about my preparation. So this  super duper website helped me a lot and I passed on my first attempt.

So why this website is helpful and my best tips are here

1. Answers with picture

Most of the answer from their mock test got picture message with an explanation. For example, when you finish your Mock Test 1. Check your result if you have passed or not. After that click view, question and you will get the explanation of each question. Most of them with the picture message. So you get to read specific information for that particular question. That really helps to remember easily.

Example pictures that helps to remembers:

Watch the Video Instruction For Life in The UK Test

2. Take time in reading the answer to each question

Read each answer carefully and try to relate to the question. In the real exam, some question can be different with the same answer or the answer can be little different. But when you read the question and read the explanation of the answer carefully that makes it easy to remember.

3. Remember you only need 18 correct answer

I know dates and number are the most difficult part of the exam. But from my experience, I can say that there are maximum 1 or 2 question can appear in the exam with dates and numbers. So don’t worry. I asked a lot of candidates who passed their exam before me, told me that they got 1 or sometimes 2 question with dates. I hope it gives you some confidence now. Because this is the hardest part of the British Citizenship Test that there are so many dates and numbers on the textbook and it’s really hard to remember.

4. Take time to answer. You will get 45 minutes which is enough.

Since the questions in the exam are phased differently from the online practice test, the answer may be different. But as I told you before, read each explanation of answer carefully and try to relate to the question.

5. Go to Test Center  early

I went to British Citizenship Test Center  early as I didn’t want to be late and stressed out. My exam was supposed to start from 12:30 PM. But they said I can start my test early as I am already there. So I started my test 20 minutes early and finished my exam within 10 minutes. And I passed. Thanks, Online UK Test.

And good luck guys. If you just finish all 40 mock test from this website and read all the answer carefully, YOU WILL PASS on your first attempt. I wish you good luck.

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Mosin - August 12, 2016

Best Place to pass your test so easy and quick good stuff with pictures so you wont forget the answer. I practise exam only 4 days and pass exam with in 6 minutes.
Highly recommended website.

RK - May 7, 2016

I just passed the exam today. This site is good and doing all the tests here will be the easiest way to pass the exam, especially the first 20 tests.

Designer Jute (@DesignerJute) - March 5, 2016

This is a very good website i practise exam from here just 2 weeks and I passed the exam today. just around 8-10 mints i spent its very easy for me, Thanks God

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